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Great Place For A Sh*t- Cross Stitch Kit And Pattern

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7 Perfect Cross Stitch Kits To Gift For Galentines

Sure, Valentines Day can be cute if you’re getting treated by someone who loves you and is preferably completely fucking gorgeous… BUT, as far as I’m concerned, Galentines Day just can’t be beaten.
Borne of the feminist powerhouse that is Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, Galentines is celebrated on February 13th and is a day to celebrate beautiful female friendships and the fucking absolute brilliance of women everywhere.

A great excuse to rebuff the commercial conventions of the 14th, Galentines is a kinda rebel holiday – and that’s why it suits Curious Twist just perfectly!

Why Cross Stitch Is The New Years Resolution You Should Actually Stick To

So obviously anyone running a cross stitch business is going to be singing the praises of the craft and telling you that you should take it up because, duh, it’s great. I truly believe this about cross stitch – after all, I love it enough to have shaped my life around it – and it’s something that every year fluctuates in popularity as people take up their new years resolutions and aim to try something new.

Six Years On…

Hello my fellow sweary stitchers!
Lisa here (AKA Melody’s glamourous assistant!)
I thought I would share with you a little of the history of Curious Twist and how
we got to making our sweary sassy crafty cross stitch kits.

Essential Cross Stitching Tools

Cross stitch is an inexpensive hobby and you don’t need lots of materials to get started. However, each item is available in various types and it’s important to buy the right one, so here I will explain each in more detail to help you get started.