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7 Perfect Cross Stitch Kits To Gift For Galentines

Sure, Valentines Day can be cute if you’re getting treated by someone who loves you and is preferably completely fucking gorgeous… BUT, as far as I’m concerned, Galentines Day just can’t be beaten. Borne of the feminist powerhouse that is Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, Galentines is celebrated on February 13th and is a day to celebrate beautiful female friendships and the fucking absolute brilliance of women everywhere.A great excuse to rebuff the commercial conventions of the 14th, Galentines is a kinda rebel holiday – and that’s why it suits Curious Twist just perfectly!

Cross stitch is a brilliant gift for your nearest and dearest, and cross stitch kits come with everything you need to make up a design. Whether it’s for you to create and give the finished product or for the recipient to make themselves, I’ve got a whole host of great designs for you to gift ya gals…

Love Your Lady Garden

Viva la vulva! The ultimate in femme, this beautiful floral design displays flaps in flowers for your viewing pleasure. Perfect for the friend with Big Clit Energy of the group as well as sexual health buffs, healthcare workers and just those who love a good vag chat.

Cunty Barbie

Hmm, OK, so this one didn’t make the movie but Greta Gerwig definitely would have included her if cinemas would have agreed to it! If you know a total hun with the potty mouth of a drunken sailor then this is the best design for them… and it can be displayed somewhere appropriate to offend as many Kens as possible.

Love Yourself… Have A Cheeky Wank
Self-love isn’t all meditation and wrapping up in blankets to read romance novels. If the women of the world deserve anything it’s more pleasure, and lord knows lots of us never seem to get it from anywhere else!

The word that makes toes curl and shoulders shudder… unless you’re talking about a Victoria sponge, of course. Adorned in a very ladylike class-cross-stitch floral border, this design has a class charm with an, oh – curious twist!

Strong Female Lead

For the female friend who needs her main character moment, Strong Female Lead is the ideal design choice. Bold colours for bold babies, whether she’s the Taylor Swift, Malala Yousefzai, or Margot Robbie of your friendship circle, it’s time to showcase her


Naps Before Chaps
The ultimate beginner’s cross stitch, there’s no prior knowledge needed to take this on. If you’re a stitching newb or your pal is, this simple pattern delivers an effective motto for life. Why have men when you can have sleep?

You Don’t Succ
Everyone has a friend who spends more time looking after their houseplants than they do themselves, and if they manage to keep them alive and well, they’re doing a better job than most of us! A pretty pink pot and some tiny hearts demonstrate your love for the gift recipient… even if you’re not quite as greenfingered as they are.

None of these designs hitting just right for your gals? Shop the whole Curious Twist range and find the perfect one!