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Girl Crush- Vegan Thread Wax- 15ml


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Scented with sweet and fruity, vegan-friendly fragrance oils, our Girl Crush thread conditioner makes cross stitching even more pleasurable!

Our 10ml pots of FLOSS GLOSS thread conditioner is made with natural soy wax. Use sparingly; you only need a very light coating to help reduce tangling and fraying.

Its great for using with metallic, satin and other fancy threads. If you’ve ever tried using these types of thread you’ll know they are prone to fraying and tangling, not to mention fraying your nerves!

Soy wax is colourless therefore won’t discolour your thread.

Being made from natural soy wax FLOSS GLOSS is vegan-friendly and makes a great alternative to beeswax.

We use essential oils and vegan certified fragrance oils to scent the wax and there’s also a fragrance free option. We’ve thought of everything!!